“...City Library as library should take its own spacious, attractive to the public space... ”
Chronicle of events
may 15-18 in Taganrog hosted the seventh Chekhov book festival, organized by the Federal Agency for press and mass communications of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of culture of Rostov region, Administration, Taganrog, the Department of culture, Taganrog, the Fund "Pushkin library" (Moscow). Municipal library took a most active part in preparing and holding the festival and received as a gift from Russian publishing houses 1163 copies of books.
June 12, in the letter of badenveyler A. P. Chekhov asks about the fate of the last batch of books deported from Moscow in the beginning of the month.
At the end of the year, the Fund - 155 443 copies, of which: operating Fund departments - 86 348 copy of the Quantity of readers - 19 385, booksare 443 482 , visited - 246 370.